Solar Canopy
A Green Solution for a Connected Culture

Harvest Energy Solutions Solar Canopy: an Outdoor Solar Charging Table

In a world that relies on constant connectivity, the Harvest Solar Canopy Table combines the convenience of outdoor seating with a power station – powered by the latest technology in off-grid solar energy. Built for performance and durability, the Harvest Solar Canopy takes using renewable energy to an affordable and environmentally friendly purpose. Its aesthetically pleasing design fits well in any courtyard, patio, campus, park or outdoor venue.


Where leisure meets productivity. Today’s employee, student or even vacationer, relies on mobile connectivity to be productive and connected. And we know that an outdoor environment can provide the respite needed in the high-stressed, fast-paced world we live in today. Using the power of the sun – the Harvest Solar Canopy provides a place to work, study, converse, dine or just hang out – all while enjoying the outdoors, using the power of the sun to recharge your life and your electronic devices.


Some of the benefits include:

  • Provides an aesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly social gathering place
  • Brings connectivity to spaces where grid-tied power is inconvenient or costly
  • Creates a productive work and study environment
  • Power storage and LED lighting provides 24/7 usage
  • Secure storage in bench seating
  • Custom options available: brand/logo, colors – the ability to add individual sponsor plaques
  • Provides a unique, visible expression of your commitment to creating an eco-friendly environment

Harvest Solar Canopy, a solar charging table, is built for durability, reliability and safety.

Designed, engineered and manufactured by Harvest Energy Solutions, with more than ten years of experience in renewable energy and over 100 years of combined experience in industrial engineering and manufacturing.