What Harvest Energy can do for your farm

  • Free solar site assessment
  • Save money on electric/power bills
  • Clean, safe, low-maintenance and affordable
  • 30% Federal Tax Credit
  • USDA Rural Energy America Program (REAP) Grants can cover up to 25% of project cost
  • Reduce carbon emissions by supporting renewable energy
  • Net Metering offered in most areas we serve
  • Reduced payback opportunities through grant and low-cost loan opportunities
  • Advances in solar technology have increased efficiency, reliability and durability
  • Production warranties up to 25 years with expected lifespan of 40 years
  • One more step toward energy independence
  • MACRS Accelerated Depreciation

Great company to work for in an exciting, emerging industry!

With the operation we have, the electric bills are huge – this investment has definitely reduced our operating expenses. We look at this as an investment in the future of our business

When I started looking at solar energy, I thought, farmers invest a lot of time and money in tractors, including fuel and maintenance, and in livestock with care and feed – here’s something that requires very little, if any, maintenance and just makes me money! That’s pretty good! We truly enjoyed the whole process. Everyone at Harvest Energy was a joy to work with; they were trustworthy and kept us informed all along the way. We would highly recommend them to others.

The installation crew were friendly and very courteous, and the cleanup at the end of every workday was fantastic.

We will recommend Harvest without reservations to friends based on our exemplary experience.

Ken Zebarah is the sizzle on Harvest Energy’s steak! 🙂

Now that we are producing, I am really satisfied with the overall result. The panels look great and are generating enough electricity over the past week to offset over 80% of our electricity demand. We sourced the project with an expectation of meeting 62% of our needs.

Harvest Energy Solutions is a great company to work with, and I’m totally satisfied with the job. The solar panels they installed are producing more power than projected

“I am pleased with the product & service provided by Harvest Energy Solutions.”

The firm was very professional and efficient over the course of the project: on-time, on-budget, and very responsive to questions and issues as they arose.

We are very satisfied with the Harvest’s work and the performance of the system.

Very happy with this company, they did a great job!!