Farm Energy Audits

Farm Energy Audits

A Harvest Energy Farm Energy Audit will itemize ways for you to save 10%-35% in energy costs on your farm and develop a plan for your energy future. This is the first step toward reducing your farm’s energy costs and developing a long range energy strategy tailored specifically for your operation.

A Harvest Energy Farm Energy Audit is an analysis of your farm’s complete energy usage, resulting in an Agriculture Energy Management Plan (AgEMP).  In as little as 2-3 hours at your farm the Harvest Energy Auditor will gather all the information necessary to identify opportunities that can save you between 10% and 35% of your current energy cost and give you the tools you need to prioritize the best ways to save energy. The Auditor will then develop and present a well-documented proposal that will include recommendations for energy conservation, energy efficiency and suggestions on available energy saving equipment with the goal of becoming energy independent through strategic long term planning and renewable energy.

The Typical Audit Process:

1. Contact our Harvest Energy Farm Auditor at 517-788-8800 for a phone interview. We’ll explain what to expect from the farm energy audit process.

2. Contact your electric utility, co-op or the USDA and attain their energy audit rebate program information if available.

3. Our trained auditor will do a 2-3 hour site visit at your farm to collect data and learn more about your operation and its energy usage. During the Audit we will collect specific energy data on heating, cooling, lighting, water heating, electric motors, heat exchangers, variable-speed drives, pumps including irrigation pumps, compressors, single phase to three phase options, ventilation and any other energy users.

4. Our auditor will then complete a thorough data analysis using historical energy information as well as potential expansions for the future.

5. Your Harvest Energy Farm Energy Auditor will write the AgEMP for your operation and deliver a clear and succinct energy audit report. This report will include recommendations for conservation and efficiency as well as a long range energy strategy for your farm. In addition, during the follow-up we will review the plan’s recommendations and discuss opportunities for implementation.

The Harvest Energy Audit is available for dairy, swine, poultry, irrigation, grain systems, greenhouses and other farm applications. This should be the first investment made toward energy efficiency on your farm.

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