Powder Coating

Protection of Components is Important and Powder Coating is Key

Harvest Energy LCD Pre Powder

The quality of our powder coating has always come first. Since 2001, Eagle Powder Coating has been ISO 9001:2000 certified. The ISO 9001:2000 quality certified and registered systems standard is a globally recognized quality management system. ISO standards were developed to provide proof of a company’s quality system framework. Their purpose is to assure organizations that their suppliers will provide consistency and quality. Eagle Powder Coating services and processes are known for high quality and broad capabilities. Powder coating has become the preferred method of coating in the last decade. Powder coating often provides better adhesion, durability and chemical resistance than liquid paints. Also powder is environmentally friendly, free of solvents, easy to reclaim and recycle.


  • Packaging and warehousing available
  • Variety of colors and gloss levels available
  • Responsive turn-around times
  • In-house tooling and fabrication shop
  • Truck docks available for spotting trailers
  • Storage space available


Urethanes provide very good corrosion resistance and flexibility. Highest gloss combined with good exterior durability. Suitable for thin film applications.

Polyesters offer excellent light and weathering resistance. Suitable for thick film applications.

Harvest Energy powder booth

Epoxy/Polyester Hybrids combine excellent decorative appearance with excellent protective properties.

Epoxies are used where optimum mechanical and chemical resistance is needed.

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