• The Benefits of Renewable Energy

The Benefits of Renewable Energy

A company rooted in the traditions of farming, it’s only natural that we care deeply for our planet. That’s why we’ve made it our sole mission to deliver independent, sustainable and cost-effective systems for energy production.  Renewable Energy of all sizes has become a familiar sight around the world for a wide variety of reasons, including economic, environmental, and social benefits.

Economic Advantages

Lower overhead: See your electricity costs drop the second your up and running. These savings coupled with state or federal incentive programs can offset your capital costs in several years allowing you to put more of your profits back onto your operations.

Subsidies: All energy systems are subsidized, and wind and solar are no exception.

Free fuel: Unlike other forms of electrical generation where fuel is shipped to a processing plant, wind and solar energy generates electricity at the source of fuel. The wind and sun are native fuels that do not need to be mined or transported, taking two expensive aspects out of long-term energy costs.

Price stability: The price of electricity from fossil fuels and nuclear power can fluctuate greatly due to highly variable mining and transportation costs. Wind and solar can help buffer these costs because the price of fuel is fixed.

Tax advantages: Between the federal investment tax credit and grant program and the rules for claiming depreciation on renewable energy, an investment in a system today translates to real benefits that you can apply to your bottom line or operating budgets.

Social Advantages

Energy independence: U.S. electricity prices over the past decade have been very volatile, making it difficult for anyone to plan for that part of their household budget. Once we install your solar panels, you no longer have to worry about rising electricity prices for the portion of your electricity that comes from solar. You have effectively locked in your rates for the next 25 years. As prices rise, you receive a bigger and bigger benefit from your smart early investment.

Marketing opportunities: Whether your business has been around for five years or 50, your Harvest Energy Solutions renewable energy system will bring high visibility and a renewed sense of interest in your products and services.

Educational opportunities: Having a turbine or solar panels in your backyard and even the process of planning for it adds an experiential dimension to your schools science, math, and civic classes. What better way to train the technicians, engineers, and leaders of tomorrow?

Supports agriculture: It is not often a new crop emerges from thin air. Wind turbines and solar panels can be installed amid cropland without interfering with people, livestock, or production.

Local ownership: A significant contribution to the worldwide energy mix can be made by energy produced  by local landowners and small businesses. Developing local sources of electricity means we import less fuel from other states, regions, and nations. It also means our energy dollars are plowed back into the local economy.

Environmental Advantages

Clean water: Turbines and solar panels produce no particulate emissions that contribute to mercury contamination in our lakes and streams. Renewable energy also conserves water resources. For example, producing the same amount of electricity can take about 600 times more water with nuclear power, and about 500 times more water with coal.

Clean air: Other sources of electricity produce harmful particulate emissions, which contribute to global climate change and acid rain. Wind and solar energy is pollution free.

Mining & transportation: Harvesting the wind and sun preserves our resources because there no need for destructive resource mining or fuel transportation to a processing facility.

Land preservation: Wind farms are spaced over a large geographic area, but their actual “footprint” covers only a small portion of the land resulting in a minimum impact on crop production or livestock grazing. Large buildings cannot be built near the turbine, thus wind farms preserve open space.

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